Ich habe heute ein Email von Bruno Marion erhalten. Er schreibt darin von zwei Stämmen: den „Yesbuts“, die alles immer in Frage stellen und den „Letstries“, die Dinge ausprobieren und dabei lernen.

Ich versuche definitiv mehr und mehr zu den „Letstries“ zu gehören.

Hie ein Auszug aus seiner Email:

Strangely, I met in almost all the countries I visited two different tribes: the Yesbuts and the Letstries. The Yesbuts can easily be recognized. For them, solar panels are great, yes but … Windmills are great yes but … Organic food is good, yes but … Electric cars are great, yes but… This article is great yes but … This is good yes but … That is good yes but … It is quite easy (even if sometimes a little exhausting) to interact with them, you always know that they are going to say „yes … but …“ Letstries are much more complicated to manage. They always have weird ideas and don’t always understand what they are saying or what they are doing. Before, a long time ago, I was a Yesbuts. It was very comfortable because everywhere I went I could easily find the members of my tribe. They are really everywhere! But (!) after a while, I found it quite boring. And very useless. And finally very stupid. So, I tried to join the tribe of Letstries … who warmly welcomed me. They often feel a little lonely so they are always happy to welcome a new member 🙂

Wage den Schritt und sei herzlich willkommen bei den „Letstries“.